Free Huawei Mate X Phone (Fold) Mockup
Free Huawei Mate X Phone (Fold) Mockup
Double click on «Change This» layer effect. Paste your design, close and save window. Then click on «Render Layer»

Free Huawei Mate X Phone (Fold) Mockup

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for Photoshop

Today's freebie Huawei Mate X Phone mockup, awesome foldable smartphone. Thanks to 3D in Photoshop, your design will look perfect on the folds. Download this Huawei Mate X Phone mockup for free.


- Adjustable shadows and reflections

- Software: Photoshop CC+

- Easy to use

- Changeable background

- Official material, white clay and black clay

- 348 mb

We do not offer device for free. That's downloadable digital asset, not a physical device!
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You can use it for personal and commercial projects.
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