Longscroll Mockups for Photoshop

#1 3d Layer
In this product, instead of smart objects, we used 3D models for a beautiful and realistic warp deformations. First, open the layers panel. And you will see a layer called 3D model.
#2 Find Change This
To insert your design, double click on the "Change This" effect. A new window will open.
If at this step a new window does not open, then see the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.
#3 Paste Your Design
Put your design in opened window, save and close it.
#4 Change colors
Click on the change color layer to change the color
#5 Improve quality
Sometimes you may find that the resolution of the mockup is not high enough. This is due to the limitation of textures in Photoshop.
To improve this we need to render the object. But first, I recommend changing the Photoshop settings for faster rendering. Open Photoshop Preferences (cmd+k or ctrl+k). Open 3d and change High Quality Threshold to 1
Then, right mouse button on the layer and select the Render layer option. And wait until it will be rendered. Usually it takes 2 minutes
#6 Troubleshooting 3d Mockups
If you have a Photoshop CC and upper version, but 3d is not working for you – make sure you graphic processor is turned on. Click CMD+K (Ctrl+K) and go to Performance tab. Make sure that checkbox under the Graphic Processor is turned on
#7 Troubleshooting 3d Mockups
If the previous step didn't help, try resetting your Photoshop settings. To do this close Photoshop. Then press on Mac CMD+Control+Option and open it again. Message will pop up asking if you want to delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file. Choose Yes